by Do No Harm

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released June 19, 2012

Ian Cauldwell - Vocals
Ryan Holman - Guitar
James Trask - Guitar
Parker Ackerman - Bass
Evan Snyder - Drums

Recorded at Getaway Recording by Jay Maas
Mixing/Mastering/Post-Production by Jay Maas



all rights reserved


Do No Harm Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Parchment
i feel like a stranger in my own town
never free to be myself
always hiding who i am
my life hasn't gone according to plan

i wish i didn't feel this way
filled with self loathing and shame
living this sad excuse for a life
my mind and body are filled with strife

i want you to see
who i really am
i want you to know
i am only a man

as i stand here with nobody by my side
wishing i wasn't dead in my mind
hoping for a change to come
anything to change my luck
can you help me change my luck
can you help me change my luck
Track Name: Fury
i see you every day walking down the street
a shell of who you used to be
what happened to you, we used to be friends
i miss the old days

let's travel back and time and see what caused this
let's travel back and see what made you like this
was it your friends or somebody else?

i miss you, i miss who you used to be
i know you are in there, that person i loved
i want the world to see the real you

was it your friends or was it somebody else?
i guess we'll never know
we'll just sit here and guess about who made you like this
about who turned you into a person like this

i believe in you
if you believe in yourself
believe in yourself and nobody else
i believe in you
Track Name: Atonement
two decades have seen us run our course
i apologize for what you've burdened on virgin eyes
the discrepancies, your fallacies
surely hard to watch, it was hard to bear

stones could have built columns to support me
but you chained them to my ankles instead
no atonement, no forced apologies
i'm no hero, owned by mythology

before the clock started, you haunted me
you had so much time to grow
despite half a century head start
i'm older than you'll ever be

every myth tells of a hero
coming to terms with his old man
this is not a hero tale

wise man, old man
instead, he tries to take away
what i know, what i need to thrive
my ideals by which i survive

a father passes to a son
all the knowledge he has gathered in his life
but all he's really spread is disease
and all the son bore was contempt
Track Name: Dreamcatcher
snap out of bed in a cold sweat
exhausted as if i've never slept
even though i spent these hours in my bed
i waste time lost in my head

the sweat carries on my furrowed brow
like the nightmares in my mind, they loom
in my dreams, things i've never known
haunt my waking hours like i haunt your room

like a dreamcatcher, my heart will quell what my mind hears
like a dreamcatcher, my confidence will silence my fears

why do i live like a trespasser in my own life?
my anxiety seizes me from bed at night

no longer restless, eyes looking to the ground
chin up, clear-headed with the fearlessness i've found

these days, paralyzed by worry
i'm defined by what i haven't done
it's time to thin out irrationality
if i close my eyes, tonight my fear hasn't won

alone, but never lonely
weary, but never afraid
Track Name: Iconoclasm
if i am taken
by a premature hand
don't let them show me
as a god among men

if i am a victim
of something other than nature
don't let them spread
falsified nomenclature

everyone will know
what the rhetoric means
they'll see right through,
see what i couldn't be

they'll say it's a shame
that it's too much to bear
but you always said i was going nowhere

let the records show i was what they thought
as they said when i was still alive
i'd rather burn in hell
than know the papers were wrought with lies

don't make me a martyr, i'm not even close
but to my friends, my truth will be known

destroy your icons, be honest with me
remember that i'm only human

on your darkest night
this song will echo
the words of a friend
that i will never let go

"only too late do we realize
the lives we touched"
he said, "you've affected people
more than you think, you're loved so much"

when they have nothing good to say
i know you will honor who i wanted to be

remember me as human